you are the product…


virtually every free app on your phone is spying on you.

it’s no secret that for most social networks, collecting, analysing and then selling your personal data to inundate you with targeted advertising based on your online behaviour, is their main source of revenue and although those platforms are free, they do come at a cost. 

we leave a trail of footprints with every tap/click online.  everything you post, like, watch and read is collected.  even your location can be tracked in real time.  Facebook comments and profiles are searchable on Google and the photos you upload have facial recognition software applied automatically.  some apps can even control your phone’s microphone and camera. 

that valuable information can then be bought and sold by businesses, corporations, health and financial companies and even governments.  there are serious, ethical concerns with the increase in surveillance capitalism, persuasive technology and the big tech companies who use algorithmic management to harvest and sell their user’s personalities.  it sounds a little dystopian, but it’s reality, today.  whose interests are really served when we trade our personal data and information, for digital convenience and connectivity ? 

it’s been said that “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”.  that’s why we think the modest monthly or yearly rewind subscription is a small price to pay in order to keep your memories safe, secure and most importantly, private.  we promise that we’ll never sell or share your data, analyse your profile or timeline, or hit you with any adverts.  it’s your content, your data… you should own it !

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this is encouraging : The Age of Social Media Is Ending, by Ian Bogost

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