Demo 1

Daniel S –
“Great app, love that it’s Ad free. Will definitely sign my kids up as it’s user friendly and private”


Anna –
“I love looking at my memories and rewind lets me save more of the details than just photos or videos”


Simon –
“Love this app. Much more personal than Facebook. Really good fun. I use my photo album like its supposed to be used now”

rewind is a private space for your personal history and all the stuff you like…

no algorithms, adverts, data sharing or analysis of any kind

quickly save and recall any moment or detail from your entire life

the major events, minor details and everything in between

on a private, multimedia timeline visible only to you

then share what you want to, only with who you want to

you don’t have to post content, to be content

so when you want to remind, just rewind

Demo 1

how it works

Demo 1

sign up for free and start something your future self will thank you for

add moments when they happen or whenever you remember them

it’s super simple to use and impossible to mess up

just enter a title, a date, choose a category and then add words, images, voicenotes, video, weblinks, audio or documents

then decide if you want to share certain memories, or not

it’s your life, your story… it’s up to you !

too much to type ? then just voice record the memory or story instead

create a private digital history for a child – with linked accounts, it’s easy to switch and share memories between timelines

the curated memories option shows news stories and events from world history and pop culture

monthly subscription


60 day unlimited free trial
  • only 10 pence per day !
  • unlimited number of memories
  • full save and share functions
  • unlimited memory sharing
  • manage additional profiles
  • access to curated memories

yearly subscription


60 day unlimited free trial
  • only 7 pence per day !
  • save 20% with yearly subscription
  • unlimited number of memories
  • full save and share functions
  • unlimited memory sharing
  • manage additional profiles
  • access to curated memories

why rewind ?

it’s your content..

you decide what to share and what stays private

we don’t analyse, sell or share your data to any third parties which means rewind is completely hidden and free of adverts and pop-ups

simple to use…

the logical design means it’s quick and easy to save, share, find and view your memories

too much to type ? then just voice record the story or details instead

for the kids…

give your child the gift of a hidden digital history and freedom to create and share content without judgement or any online negativity

an online safe space, just for them and their memories

no nonsense…

none of the social media vanity metrics, like followers, comments, views and likes

keep your memories in a happy space, free from any unwanted public reaction

easy to search…

memories are organised, categorised and searchable

so no more endless scrolling to find the details or pictures you posted, no matter how many years ago

easy to share…

share only the memories you want to, with who you want to, and only if you want to

swap shared memories securely with other users to help grow your timeline faster

origin story…

unlike social media or other photo libraries, your rewind timeline starts the day you were born, not just the day you signed up

deep dive into your entire life like you have never been able to before

for posterity…

moments with the older generation become more precious with every year

capture emotions by recording the voices of family and friends to create truly unique, personal memories

help others…

10% of all rewind subscriptions goes directly to a charity that helps support people affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia

what the mind can’t remember, the heart never forgets…

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