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save the milestones, moments, sights and sounds of your child’s early years…

birthdays, friends, hobbies, artwork, performances, toys and anything else

as words, images, audio, video, weblinks and more

on an organised, searchable, totally hidden timeline

less social, more media…

thinking about what you post and who can see it has never been more important, as the content and information shared on socials could show up in search algorithms for years to come

rewind is a safer way for older kids to engage and share content with each other, as there is no chat function and their profiles and timelines are not visible to others or discoverable online

… although you can link their accounts to your own for visibility

Demo 1

rewind has no algorithms, adverts or analysis, no influencers, likes or followers, no bullying, strangers or trolls

… a digital safe space, just for them

a message from the founder…

“when I became a parent, I couldn’t believe how many photos and videos we were taking.  there were so many cute and funny moments, we wanted to capture every one, but didn’t want to have my phone out all the time.  I also didn’t want to post pictures to social media and create a very public, digital history that our daughter might not want when she grows up.  it’s her personal content and data, so she should be in control of who sees it and also, who owns it.  there are plenty of baby and photo-only apps out there, but so many funny moments just happen and aren’t captured with a photo, so I started recording short voicenotes instead, to create really unique memories for her to discover” – Jon, parent and founder

Demo 1

declutter by taking and uploading photos of their school projects, ‘fridge art’ and countless scribbles

… and then throwing away what you don’t want to keep, when they’re not looking !

child profiles will need their own email address, as that’s how friends and family safely connect to share memories with each other and also so their profiles can be separated when they’re old enough to start adding and sharing their own memories, right into adulthood.  until then, you manage their timeline and help build their very own private digital life story

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