before it’s too late…


you’ll never regret spending time with those closest with you.  memories of time spent with family and friends and the moments shared with the older generation become more valuable with every year that passes.

we often take what we have for granted and it’s easy to forget just how precious something is until it’s too late.  over two-thirds of UK adults regret not talking to a late grandparent about their life and memories while they were around, while sharing and recording stories can be beneficial for everyone involved.

as stories are way better if you can listen to them as opposed to just reading them or only looking at pictures, rewind has the option of in-app voice recording and saving audio files.  you can feel the emotion, the humour and hear details that may otherwise be forgotten.  it’s literal story-telling and it impacts us differently.

time spent with our loved ones is finite, but too often we fail to acknowledge it until it’s too late.  so find some time to record a video or some audio with your parents or grandparents.  ask them questions, get them to recount your favourite stories and memories.  those recordings will last forever and hearing something as seemingly trivial as a voice you once knew, on the right day, will mean the world.

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