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most of the memories added to rewind will fall under the main categories of PERSONAL, PLACES, SOCIAL, PEOPLE and of course RANDOM, but other categories shouldn’t be overlooked, as they will contribute to your timeline becoming a more comprehensive record of your life, if you choose to use them…

teenage years have always been challenging, but for those coming up in the age of social media, body image and self-esteem are being constantly impacted.  platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok have filters that alter and beautify facial features, so people are being introduced at an early age to unrealistic beauty standards that harm the way they view themselves.  for example, people who regularly use beauty filters to present themselves publicly as Insta-perfect, are more likely to want to have cosmetic surgery

the collision of comparison syndrome, body dysmorphia and social media have created the modern phenomenon – selfie dysmorphia, where the selfee is obsessed with the perceived flaws in their face or body.  every time you filter a selfie, you’re consciously or unconsciously telling yourself that you don’t look good enough as you really are.  people are creating and posting false versions of themselves in an attempt to meet conventional standards of beauty

don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad.  most of us want to see ourselves as more beautiful or handsome.  we get new hairstyles and use make up to do just that.  for some, filters are just a modern form of creative expression, just a bit of fun.  for others, filters are used to hide a blemish or to make you look less tired, without the cost or time needed to apply makeup.  however, the repeated use of using such filters to create a new normal for how we think our faces should look to ourselves, can only be damaging  

so we included the HEADSHOT category : a safe space to upload honest, unfiltered, perfectly imperfect selfies and unedited older headshots that capture what you really looked like at different moments in time, hidden away from any of the harmful comments, criticism or negativity on socials.  rewind provides an alternative, private option to celebrate and embrace the changes and the evolution of your identity, without any external noise or public judgement…  somewhere to truly be yourselfie 

hopefully rewind will encourage some to appreciate their authentic selves, to not care about the comparison to others, fostering a healthier self-image.  remember, our flaws are part of what makes us interesting, real and relatable

as the late, great Barry White sang : “don’t go changing, trying to please me… I love you just the way you are”

watch : Dove’s Self-Esteem Project

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