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the best thing about being a solopreneur ? no-one tells you what to do…

the worst thing about being a solopreneur ? no-one tells you what to do !

bootstrapping, for those who don’t know, is starting and running a company using only personal finances for operating revenue, which allows the founder to maintain control, but can also increase the financial strain

for creative and curious minds, being a bootstrapped solopreneur isn’t just about running a business; it’s about transforming a concept into reality, step by step, decision by decision, in pursuit of a dream.  it’s having the freedom to build something exactly the way you want it, to make your own choices (and mistakes) and to retain most or all of the equity (and debt)

but how does someone with no relevant experience start a tech business on their own, without deep pockets ?  well, you learn from the experiences of others.  apart from my excellent developer and a few bright minds I’ve had supporting me along the way, the international community I found on tech-Twitter (before Elon X’d it up) comprised mostly of entrepreneurs, founders, developers, creators and digital marketers, have provided an endless stream of helpful information and positive advice.  it’s a community that wants each other to succeed, to celebrate any victories and to find inspiration in those shared experiences, and I found that really encouraging in those early uninformed days

this solo adventure, although undoubtedly challenging, has been a journey of learning, problem-solving, tweaking, iterating slowly, enjoying the freedom to do things at my own pace and relishing any progress made.  fortunately, the internet is a goldmine of advice, solutions and free resources covering design, productivity, marketing, outsourcing, app development and literally anything else you need

founding a company is undeniably arduous.  it’s an endless mind-fuck of details and decisions, and trying to stay positive while conjuring something from nothing.  I’ve tried to cherish every moment of this journey, as for me at least, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that melds logic, creativity, audacity, stupidity, belief, self-motivation and passion into something useful that I am proud to share with the world

if you’re bootstrapped and content with growing at your own pace, giving up a piece of your company and racing for success might not make much sense.  with no investors pushing for rapid returns on investment and chasing excessive targets, it’s allowed me to focus on developing the app itself.  there’s something liberating about not solely measuring success by revenue.  when profit isn’t your primary concern, and survival isn’t hanging by a thread, you’re free to relish the process of building and improving what you’ve made.  as most startups fail before launch, seeing even a small MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) from something you’ve created and built is a significant achievement and validates all the effort in a profoundly satisfying way

I also believe it’s important to be emotionally invested in what you’re doing.  aside from the end-goal of actually using the app I had envisaged to save memories and moments for myself and my daughter, developing rewind has become a channel for acquiring skills I might never have learned otherwise.  plus, the dream of ultimately working for yourself, determining your own schedule and becoming a profitable, self-sustaining “company of one” is a notion that pushes quality of life over massive profits, as we really don’t need a fortune to be happy

so, here’s to all the solo founders – the dreamers and doers… embrace the journey, warts and all, because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to attempt to realise their ideas 

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