minor moments…


our lives are not simply made up of days, weeks, months or years, but of moments.  small, seemingly insignificant moments that sometimes provide a little happiness and remind us that life isn’t always doom and gloom

as children, we’re overjoyed with the little things in life – jumping in puddles or building sandcastles, but as adults we tend to overlook the small joys in our quest for big happiness.  sometimes our most cherished memories are made in the most unlikely of places and sometimes the little things, the little moments impact us greater than expected

so many things happen in life that aren’t captured with a photo and about 90% of what happens to us is forgotten after just one week. it’s often the smaller, everyday experiences that add depth, colour, and authenticity to our memories, but what happens to those fleeting, minor moments, those little instances and details ? the inside jokes, private conversations and laughs, the random weird stuff and unexpected surprises that make us happy in the moment…  we should remember those too

that is where rewind comes in – it provides a dedicated, hidden space to preserve the unique moments that aren’t suitable for social media feeds, but that still hold value and meaning.  it’s not just for the things you can remember, it’s for all the stuff you never want to forget – the major milestones and the countless minor moments and details that reflect our personalities and ensure that the story we tell ourselves and share with others is complete and genuine

as Vonnegut wisely put it, “enjoy the little things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realise that they were the big things”

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