as we get older, it becomes increasingly easier to drown in nostalgia, but one of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present, is to recall happy times from the past

nostalgia, like happiness or sorrow, is a universal feeling.  it’s like a time machine – it takes you back to the good old days, even if just for a moment.  in times of trouble and uncertainty, when we feel socially isolated or just bored, we tend to feel nostalgic.  it reminds us of happier times with our friends and family and all the things we used to do together and often creates instant happiness because we remember the memories and moments that made us feel good

it is important because it allows us to reflect on those past experiences and memories, connecting us to our personal history and giving us a sense of identity.  for some, reminiscing can be comforting and provide a sense of calm and stability, even when the world around us is changing rapidly and in ways we can’t control.  it allows us to recognise how much we value specific times and periods in our lives and we can even find ourselves appreciating the past more in the present, than we did in the moment it happened

nostalgia can increase optimism and inspiration, boost self-esteem and feelings of purpose and youthfulness.  you feel closer and look visibly happier when you’re sharing memories with loved ones

start remembering your story, with rewind

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