online visibility…


privacy isn’t optional and shouldn’t be the price we pay for going online…

there is no agreement over what constitutes private information.  it varies among cultures, genders and individuals and it’s hard to argue for the value of privacy when people eagerly share so much achingly personal information on social media

a German study from 2012 showed that the more people disclosed about themselves on social media, the more privacy they said they desired and this paradox was said to have indicated participants’ dissatisfaction with what they got in return for giving away so much about themselves

social platforms have now become so important for the younger generations that it has become an addiction that is difficult to recognize.  in this contrast, the older generation feels a sense of satisfaction and contentment at having been born in an era when technology did not define the social and recreational lives of the children and young adults of that time

in today’s world of near-constant digital visibility, having your own private space online is important and beneficial for multiple reasons.  digital privacy enables us to decide who has access to our personal lives and to what extent, ensuring that we maintain some authenticity and individualism in a world that often pressures us to compare and conform.  it helps create a healthy balance between our public and private selves, easing the constant strain of public scrutiny and safeguarding our self-esteem and mental well-being

rewind was created as a hidden, happy space for your personal history and all the stuff you like, shielded from any unwanted public reaction.  somewhere to distance yourself from the modern vanity metrics of likes, followers, comments and views.  it’s hard to truly be yourself, when you’re surrounded by judgement and comparison.  rewind provides the freedom and space to record thoughts, details and experiences away from the social spotlight and the algorithms designed to extract information about us, from whatever we click

as online visibility only continues to grow, rewind offers a rare invisible space to rediscover the importance of personal stories and connections.  it puts you in charge of your digital content without sacrificing any personal information and lets you control what you share with others.  reclaim ownership of your online identity, with a little private corner of the internet, just for you

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