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reality check : photos and info shared on socials could show up in search algorithms for years to come

most par­ents who post pho­tos, videos and details of their kids on social media do so simply because they’re proud of their offspring and want an easy way to share with rel­a­tives and friends.  the early stages of parenting can feel quite solitary, so sharing those little moments on socials transforms the experience – it’s like a virtual lifeline, tethering us to the wider world when it feels like everything else is closing in and reminding us that we’re not navigating this wild ride alone

but while chil­dren might not give any thought to what their par­ents share about them on socials now, that may not stay true as they grow old­er.  oversharing creates a very public, digital footprint that they might not want when they grow up.  at around 5 years old, chil­dren start to devel­op a sense of them­selves as indi­vid­u­als and how the rest of the world per­ceives them.  they may start to feel embar­rassed about what their par­ents post and pri­va­cy becomes more of a con­cern.  it is after all, their personal content, so they should be in control of who sees it and also, who owns it

it’s dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble, to con­trol infor­ma­tion once it’s post­ed online.  you can’t pre­vent any­one from tak­ing a screen­shot of your post and sharing it beyond your reach, some­times turning up on dis­turb­ing web­sites and forums.  this isn’t as uncom­mon as you might think.  accord­ing to an Australian study of one such website, about half of the 45 mil­lion images of children on their site were tak­en directly from social media profiles.  it’s also easy to overlook that some posts have lit­tle indi­ca­tors that can help iden­ti­fy where a child lives, plays or goes to school

studies estimate that by 2030, nearly two-thirds of identity-fraud cases affecting today’s children will have resulted from ‘sharenting’ in earlier life

thinking about what you post and who can see it has never been more important, so as well as sharing privately with your connections in-app, rewind allows for memories to be shared externally, in the form of view-only weblinks, that you can set to expire after a time period of your choosing for added privacy and security

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