quality not quantity…


we all love to capture special moments and experiences for posterity and photos are an excellent way to remind you of a specific feeling or emotion from a time gone by

however, did you know that taking too many pictures can play tricks on your memory ?  it affects the brain’s ability to hold onto those memories and diminishes the importance of the moment.  when we take pictures we either offload the responsibility of remembering the moment itself.  or worse, we’re so wrapped up in choosing the perfect angle or the lighting that we miss the moment altogether.  so you get the photos but kind of lose the memory  

we’re all guilty of hanging onto too many low quality, duplicate or pointless images that we don’t need. and the reality is that most of those photos just sit there, gathering digital dust, rarely seen or appreciated.  think about it, what’s the point of even having all those pictures if you hardly ever look at them ?  it’s a bit like having a library filled with books you never read or a wardrobe stuffed with clothes you never wear – it’s not just pointless, it’s overwhelming !

instead of drowning in a sea of photos, carefully cherry-pick the ones that represent the essence of each memory, the ones that transport you back to that moment.  be selective.  by limiting the amount of photos you upload by only choosing a handful of the best ones, your rewind timeline becomes something truly special – your very own highlights reel

rewind isn’t a substitute for your existing cloud storage or another place to bulk upload decades of photos, just so you can forget about them all over again.  it’s not about hoarding every single photo, it’s about curating a collection that matters.  it’s quality over quantity. by doing this, you’re creating a digital time capsule of your life’s major moments, minor details and everything in between 

so, put an end to the photo chaos and embark on a journey of purposeful memory preservation and let’s make sure the magical moments that you capture stay in your memory and not just your camera roll

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