remember when…


most memories are personal to you, but now and then things happen of such magnitude or cultural relevance that almost all of us remember them.  admittedly, the news is not always positive but it’s always happening, occasionally interesting, hard to ignore and sometimes impossible to forget

everyone has a film or TV show that brings back vivid memories from their youth, but music can unlock doors to memories like nothing else.  it’s amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a tune that you didn’t even pay attention to at the time.  a certain song has the incredible ability to evoke long-forgotten emotions of a time gone by.  we tend to remember more events from our teenage and early adult years because our favourite music also tends to be from that time

to kickstart your timeline and to remind you of what happened in the world around you, we’ve added hundreds of news stories, events and ‘watercooler moments’ that have influenced history and pop culture over the years.  for anything that interested or impacted you personally, then add them just like any other memory (using tags, NEWS /or MEDIA)

with the option to hide or show these Curated Memories on your timeline, being reminded of major news, sports events, popular songs or movies (even if they didn’t interest you at the time) and seeing how and when they interconnect with your own, can sometimes trigger a recollection of other personal memories from that time in your life

our accumulated memories, are our most precious possessions


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