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life isn’t just a collection of personal memories.  now and then things happen of such magnitude or cultural relevance that almost all of us remember them.  admittedly, the news is not always positive, in fact it’s often heartbreaking, but it’s always happening, increasingly hard to ignore and sometimes impossible to forget.  these events are often the backdrop of our daily lives, shaping the culture, trends, and conversations of the time

it’s interesting how major news stories – global events, political shifts, cultural revolutions and iconic moments that we might not have comprehended the gravity of as kids, intersect with our personal stories.  it’s only when we look back on these moments as adults, that we realise the profound impact they had on world history, sometimes defining entire generations

everyone has a film or TV show that brings back vivid memories from their youth, but it’s music that unlocks doors to memories like nothing else.  it’s amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a tune that you didn’t even pay attention to at the time.  a certain song has the incredible ability to evoke long-forgotten emotions felt decades ago.  we tend to remember more events from our adolescence, because our favourite music tends to be from that time also 

to kickstart your timeline and to remind you of what happened in the world around you, we have carefully curated hundreds of the news stories, events and ‘watercooler moments’ that left indelible marks on history and pop culture over your life.  they act as markers, reminding you not just of what was happening in the world but also how those events intersected with your personal story, building a richer, more nuanced narrative of your life, transforming your timeline into a vivid, detailed autobiography

although you have the option to hide or show these Curated Memories alongside your own memories, I recommend keeping them visible, as being reminded of major news, sports events, popular songs or movies (even if they didn’t interest you at the time), can sometimes trigger unexpected recollections of other memories from that time in your life

rewind isn’t just your story.  it’s not just about what you can remember, it’s also the intricate interplay between your memories and what was happening around you, in the wider world.  as such, your timeline will tell a tale that’s uniquely yours, yet profoundly connected to the greater story of human experience

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