the power of audio…


we all love a story, but sometimes it’s not the story itself that makes us smile, it’s the familiar voice of the person telling it

there’s more than one way to capture a memory.  stories are way better if you can listen to them instead of simply reading them or just looking through photos.  you feel the emotion, the humour and hear details that may otherwise be forgotten.  classic family stories, life lessons, favourite jokes, old voice messages... it’s like experiencing the moment all over again

at a time where social media often reduces our memories to pixels on a screen, capture the essence of your stories and keep them alive through the power of audio.  after all, life isn’t only about what you can see and read, it’s also what you hear and feel

a photo doesn’t tell the whole story and not all our memories have photos or video to go with them anyway.  for the ones that don’t (or even for the ones that do) or if there’s just too much to type, save the story behind a specific moment without worrying about character limits or typing fatigue.  either record and upload an mp3 file, or just hit rewind’s in-app voice record button and save the sounds that tell your story 

kids have a magical way of making everything sound adorable.  whether they’re singing their favourite song, sharing a joke or asking a hilarious innocent question, it’s bound to tickle your funny bone.  preserving the laughter, cute songs or just the random silliness, is like bottling up their childhood spirit

storytelling among friends and family and moments shared with the older generation become more invaluable with every year that passes, but too often we fail to appreciate that until it’s too late.  hearing something as seemingly trivial as a voice you once knew, on the right day, can mean the world

rewind helps preserve the essence of memories and moments that truly matter, bringing them to life whenever you need a quick dose of nostalgia and love.   it’s way more than just a photo-memory app – it’s a personal treasure chest of experiences, highlights, emotions, sounds and voices that you’ll cherish forever

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