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unlike other platforms, rewind isn’t just one, endless timeline that you have to scroll for miles to find what you’re looking for.  when adding memories and content, tagging them with one or more of nine categories means your content can be filtered and grouped, allowing for a deep-dive of your life like never before

remember your PERSONAL relationships, career, children, education, qualifications, health, projects, achievements, cars, hobbies, pets… SOCIAL : the birthdays, weddings, live music & sports events, club nights, festivals, stag or hen parties, community events, religious holidays, new years eves… the PEOPLE : births, deaths, marriages, childhood friends, work colleagues, teachers, mentors, celebrities met, chance encounters… the PLACES you’ve ever travelled to, worked or lived in, holidays, hotels, beaches, city breaks, school trips, camping trips, weekends away, favourite pubs, bars and restaurants… MEDIA : your favourite music, albums, television shows, films, books, theatre shows, musicals, video games, art… NEWS that interested or affected you, world events, local news, protests, politics, sports results, celebrities… JOURNAL : digitise old diaries and school reports, type or voice record thoughts or feelings, keep pregnancy/diet/illness/fitness/study diaries, leave messages on child profiles for future discovery… HEADSHOT : save honest, unfiltered headshots and selfies, to see how your face has changed over the years… and of course, the RANDOM : anecdotes, jokes, recipes, food, questionable fashion, old tech, memes, gifs, screengrabs, voicemails, text messages, bad haircuts… literally anything and everything !

… organised, searchable, shareable and private

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