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every memory added to rewind needs to be tagged with one or more categories, which allows for content to be filtered and grouped, and timelines to be viewed in various ways.  most of the memories added will fall under PERSONAL, PLACES, SOCIAL, PEOPLE and of course RANDOM, but the lesser used categories shouldn’t be overlooked, as they will contribute to your timeline becoming a truly comprehensive record of your life, should you choose to use them…

I’ve never kept a diary myself.  the commitment of writing something/anything everyday always seemed overwhelming and writing just the odd thought now and again seemed fairly pointless and would result in a book of mostly empty pages.  so adding a JOURNAL category on rewind was a deliberate choice rooted in the understanding that thoughts and emotions don’t always happen chronologically and we don’t always have something noteworthy to write every single day

with rewind, there’s no pressure to write something daily.  it transforms the concept of journaling into an effortless but meaningful experience.  it recognises the natural flow of busy life, allowing users to capture those moments whenever they occur, regardless of how frequently or infrequently they happen, or even how long ago they occured

having a private timeline to save the odd thought whenever inspiration strikes, either by typing or recording a voicenote, is now something that makes more sense to me.  it’s become a casual, now-and-again pocket diary capturing random thoughts of life, but at my own pace

if recording thoughts and feelings isn’t really your thing, the JOURNAL category is also somewhere to keep mini-diaries for significant personal events like pregnancies, diets, illnesses, fitness journeys, study progress, home improvements or other projects.  it can be somewhere to save meaningful quotes, or to record heartfelt or funny voicenotes for your child’s timeline, creating a treasure trove of memories for their future selves to discover

it’s your story… you decide what to save

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